Summer and Winter School

Summer and winter school programs are educational opportunities that take place during the respective break periods in the academic calendar. These programs offer a variety of benefits and cater to different needs.

ICIER organised Summer School programme for the students of Milano Bicocca University, Italy in association with IFIM Business School, Bangalore during 14-28 September,2013.

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Why a Summer or Winter School

Academic Enrichment:

Summer schools often provide additional academic courses or enrichment programs. These can help students catch up on credits, accelerate their learning, or explore new subjects.


Students who need to retake a course or improve their grades may use summer school as an opportunity to focus on specific subjects and enhance their understanding.

Skill Development:

Some programs focus on developing specific skills, such as language acquisition, coding, or leadership skills, outside the regular curriculum.


Internships and Work Experience:

Programmes can be scheduled in a way to offer internships or hands-on experiences in various fields, providing practical skills and exposure to potential career paths.

Research Opportunities:

University students might use these breaks for research projects, taking advantage of the time away from regular classes to delve into specific areas of interest.

Short-Term Study Abroad:

Study abroad programs can be designed, giving students the chance to explore a new culture and academic environment.

Professional Development:

Summer / Winter breaks can be an excellent time for students and professionals to attend short courses or workshops to enhance their skills or explore new areas of interest.

Experiential Learning:

Many programs emphasize hands-on, experiential learning to complement traditional classroom instruction.

Networking Opportunities:

Students in these programs may have the chance to network with peers, professors, and professionals in their field of interest.

Both summer and winter school programs offer unique advantages, and individuals can choose programs based on their academic and personal goals. These programs can be found at various educational levels, from primary and secondary schools to universities and professional development courses.