Entrepreneurship Research

Entrepreneurship research is a multidisciplinary field that explores various aspects of entrepreneurship, including the processes, behaviours, motivations, and outcomes associated with starting and running new ventures. Scholars and researchers investigate entrepreneurship from different angles, incorporating insights from economics, psychology, sociology, management, and other disciplines.

Key Research Areas:

Entrepreneurial Process

Opportunity Recognition: Understanding how entrepreneurs identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Resource Acquisition: Examining how entrepreneurs secure and manage resources for their ventures.

Venture Creation: Investigating the steps involved in launching and establishing a new business.

Entrepreneurial Motivation and Behaviour

Individual Characteristics: Studying the traits, skills, and backgrounds of successful entrepreneurs.

Motivations: Exploring the various motivations that drive individuals to become entrepreneurs.

Risk-Taking: Analyzing the role of risk-taking in entrepreneurial decision-making.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:

Regional and National Contexts: Examining the impact of cultural, social, and economic factors on entrepreneurship.

Support Systems: Investigating the role of institutions, policies, and support networks in fostering or hindering entrepreneurship.

Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship:

Technology Adoption: Studying how entrepreneurs adopt and leverage new technologies.

Innovation Processes: Exploring the ways in which entrepreneurs contribute to innovation and technological advancements.

Entrepreneurial Finance:

Funding Sources: Analyzing how entrepreneurs raise capital for their ventures (e.g., angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding).

Financial Management: Studying financial strategies and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurship:

Social Impact: Investigating how entrepreneurs address social and environmental challenges through innovative business models.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Exploring sustainable practices and the integration of environmental and social considerations in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Success and Failure:

Performance Metrics: Examining how success is measured in entrepreneurship (e.g., financial performance, growth).

Learning from Failure: Understanding the lessons learned from entrepreneurial failure.

Corporate Entrepreneurship:

Intrapreneurship: Investigating entrepreneurship within existing organizations and how employees contribute to innovation.

Gender and Diversity in Entrepreneurship:

Gender Differences: Exploring the role of gender in entrepreneurship and identifying challenges and opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion: Studying the impact of diversity in entrepreneurial teams and organizations.